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Corporate/Industrial: Documenting your company’s conference, providing video press coverage for the launch of a new product line, or producing a training video, BSP’s productions offer tremendous impact and value to your brand initiatives.  BSP brings creative concepts and valuable information to corporate constituencies.   

Television Productions Infomercials Industrial Videos

Corporate Videos Public Service Announcements Commercials 

Nonprofit Organizations: Special productions that tell “the story” of the people your nonprofit organization serves may be used for multiple purposes – to inspire a donor, captivate an audience, educate the public. BSP can document your special event, engage your constituencies by telling the stories of your recipients, patients, or students, or develop a public service announcement for your organization.   

Example: Reproduction of DVDs with engaging stories -- an educational, visual and emoting snapshot that expresses the mission through words and action -- can be shared with your highest level contributors.  It’s a great cultivation tool.  Send it via the mail, or upload it on your website for the world to see.  Please view the corporate/industrial/organization videos below.